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Introducing WholeSale Dropship

Wholesale Dropshipping is when a person does not hold products in stock but instead works with a wholesaler that is holding stock. You place customer orders and edit the delivery details in the cart Section and we ship the goods directly to the customer, where you make your profit on the difference between the wholesale price and the price you sold it on. Dropshipping is becoming very popular in the UK as it reduces the risk and also cost for example you don't need to rent or hold unwanted stock or hire Staff.

How do we Place Orders?

1. Create a Business Account with us

2. Login with your Username and Password

3. Click on this link to view all In Stock Products

4. Add Items to your Cart

5. On the top right hand Corner there is a Trolley Cart Click There or Click Here

6. Once the page is loaded, on the right hand corner of the Checkout Page there is a button called Edit Address, Click that to change the delivery Address.

7. Pay for the Order using PayPal or Bank Transfer, once payment is received we will dispatch your order.

How we make a commission?

There is two ways to make a commission:

1. You Place an order with us, but give your client your own company Invoice and keep a margin for yourself i.e By Increasing each Product Price.

2. You Place an order with us, but we give you a share based on the Order Profit, but in this scenario the Order Value must not be less than £1000.

Will you contact our Clients or Send Invoices with Orders?

1. No, We will never contact your clients.

2. No, We won't send Invoices with your WholeSale Dropshipping Orders.

How much can we make?

If you are good at convincing customers to buy from you, depending on the Sales Amount you can make between £60 - £3500 a Month